If you use AVQueuePlayer and AVPlayerLooper to loop videos, you may notice some gaps(blank frames).

To resolve this issue, check the durations of the video and the audio (if any), and use the shorter one:

var duration: CMTime = asset.duration

if let videoTrack = asset.tracks(withMediaType: .video).first,
    videoTrack.timeRange.duration < duration {
    duration = videoTrack.timeRange.duration

if let audioTrack = asset.tracks(withMediaType: .audio).first,
    audioTrack.timeRange.duration < duration {
    duration = audioTrack.timeRange.duration

let timeRange = CMTimeRange(start: .zero, duration: duration)

self.playerLooper = AVPlayerLooper(player: player,
                                   templateItem: playerItem,
                                   timeRange: timeRange)

You have no ideas how many hours I spent on this fxxxing issue.