A man’s home is his castle. Never leave your dotfiles behind.

上面這句是我最近看到的最好的技術方面的文案,來源於 homesick


Face it: you’re proud of that 204-line .bashrc, and you should be! You’ve fine-tuned your prompt, carefully planned your aliases, and written some pretty time-saving functions over the years. Why not show off your work and, in the spirit of the open source community, share your efforts. You may even learn a few tricks. <footer>http://dotfiles.org</footer>

每次用一台新電腦,如果沒有time machine備份的話總是很頭疼。今天終於後知後覺,決定也把所有的dotfiles整理一下,然後放到GitHub。以後用新電腦,只要clone下來馬上就有順手的使用環境。另外也不怕自己胡亂改而犯錯。


chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh
git clone git@github.com:pala/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles